Gigs and Gigs of Free New Music Every Year

Gigs and Gigs of Free New Music Every Year

South by Southwest® (SXSW®) is a yearly collection of conferences and festivals focusing on interactive, film, and music industries. You may have heard of it, maybe even attended. But, did you know every year they release hundreds of promotional music from all kinds of artists attending the festival?

Some really great bands have gotten a lot of publicity and exposure from SXSW. I’ve personally discovered a lot of great indie artists that I would’ve never heard of if not for the SXSW promo music. That said, you can find, currently, almost 70gb of music posted over the last 12 years, legally, at The (Unofficial) SXSW Torrents‘ website.

The only real downside is a lack of metadata and missing album art. Each song has just the name of the artist and song title. If you like discovering new music and don’t mind sorting through hundreds, or thousands, of songs, this is a great resource.

 The (Unofficial) SXSW Torrents

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