The Most Advanced Water Hose Ever

The RoboReel Water Hose is the absolute coolest water hose I’ve ever seen. It’s apparently so great and in such demand the company can’t currently keep up with demand, even at the hefty price of $700.

So, what makes this water hose so great? It’s not just a water hose, it’s more of a “hosebot” [patent pending]. The core of this waterproof sphere houses a micro computer for  managing everything the unit does. A smart reel system ensures the hose never whips back too fast and stops if interrupted to protect it from damage. Not only does the brain of this unit help with reeling in the hose, it helps reeling it out. This helpful little guy has a smart, forward assist that detects your movement and rolls out the hose as you pull.

The top of the unit spins a complete 360 degrees and the hose itself extends either 100 or 150 feet depending on the model you choose. The brain can be operated from either the top of the green core, or from the remote built into the nozzle. You can even setup a remote timer feature to auto-shutoff or schedule on/off for up to a month in advance. The entire system is powered with removable 12 volt batteries, similar to many cordless power tools.

[Insert obligatory robot overlord joke here]

Everything you ever wanted in a toolbox and more

Whether it’s tech solutions like bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and USB device charging, or traditional things like a dry-erase white board, this toolbox packs it all. This is what you get from the CoolBox.

The tools we use have changed…so why not change what we carry them in? It is everything you’d expect…and more.


Here’s a list of the CoolBox features:

  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • USB Charging (2x ports)
  • LED lighting
  • Whiteboard
  • Dual handles (both sides and top)
  • Wheels
  • Tablet stand
  • Digital clock
  • Internal 20v rechargeable battery
  • Retractable power cord for passthrough power
  • 3-way power strip

The project was funded via Indiegogo and you can signup for more info at their site.

Leatherman Wearable Multitool

Forget fitness trackers and “smart” watches, this tool is the perfect blend of style and substance. The Leatherman Tread is a wearable multitool with more between 20 and 25 tools, depending on which configuration you choose. This convenience doesn’t come cheap though, going from $150-200 for the Tread and bumped up to $500-600 for the Tread QM1 (adds a quartz watch into the mix). Both versions come in either Stainless Steel and Black DLC (diamond-like carbon).

Find out more from Leatherman

Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver

Whether or not it’s something you need on the jobsite, it’s a very innovative and fun driver for around the house. Keep all your bits together inside the revolver-like barrel, it’s a six shooter. To change bits, just pull back the top slide.

Here’s a few bullet points from the Worx specs:

  • Rapid Reloadable Cartridge allows you to store 6 bits in the tool, eliminating lost bits and time spent looking for them
  • Advance the correct bit with a simple slide-action – no more fumbling around with small bits
  • Front-mounted LED light means no more working in the dark
  • Powerful 4V MaxLithium battery holds a charge for up to 12 months
  • Side-mounted switch allows you to operate in reverse, and the rubber handle provides a comfortable grip

More details found here. Buy it on Amazon

Vaughan Stealth 17 oz. Hammer

In the market for a new hammer and don’t want to spend much, turn to the Vaughan Stealth 17 oz. Solid Strike Face Hammer. It’s 17 oz. head weight has the largest striking face available for it’s weight class. Available in both smooth and milled face options. With the driving power of a 32 oz. framing hammer, and magnetic nail starter capable of holding both standard and duplex nails. It also features a side nail puller to complement the rear claw. On a final note it’s 100% made in America by Vaughan, a company that’s been designing and manufacturing hammers for over 135 years.

Get it here or on Amazon