Open REST API for Trivia Questions

Open REST API for Trivia Questions

Just finished the first draft of a new open API I’ve been working on for access to trivia questions. If you want to signup for an account (all free and open, remember) you can then make calls to retrieve questions, tags, and categories. You can also post your own questions if you’ve got ’em.

Here’s a sample call to retrieve 20 Jeopardy style¬†questions at an offset (basically pages) of¬†2:


Here’s the response (all responses are JSON):

[ { "id":"106", "user_key":"1", "style":"standard", "difficulty":"0", "category":"Firefly", "question":"From what facility did the ship's doctor Simon rescue his sister River from?", "answer":"Mental", "tags":"sci-fi,pop-culture,western,firefly,serenity,tv,movies", "meta":"", "image":null, "reference":null, "datecreated":"2015-07-21 23:31:43", "datemodified":"2015-07-27 16:39:07" }, { "id":"107", "user_key":"1", "style":"standard", "difficulty":"0", "category":"Firefly", "question":"Simon and River's father had this occupation.", "answer":"Doctor", "tags":"sci-fi,pop-culture,western,firefly,serenity,tv,movies", "meta":"", "image":null, "reference":null, "datecreated":"2015-07-21 23:31:43", "datemodified":"2015-07-27 16:39:07" } ]

For more details on how to use the API check out the homepage:

7 Replies to “Open REST API for Trivia Questions”

  1. When attempting to create an account I keep getting an HTTP Basic Auth login prompt now allowing me to create an account.

  2. I want to use the API in developing an android app which will be free, non-commercial and for education purpose. Do I have permission to do that without copyright violation? I wouldn’t mind giving credit to this website through an attribution in the app screen.

  3. Hey Jonathan!

    Cool site and a really fun api idea!

    I’m trying to create an account but nothing happens when I submit. Is it currently down?

    1. Sorry, the login needs some work and I haven’t had time to fix it. I’ll let you know when it’s working again

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